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BMS Edit news:



How to determine which version you have:

1. When you start BMS EditRadio and the Track Selection dialog opens, you can see a version number at the top right hand side, where the last digit is the current build. The same goes for the About dialog.


2. To obtain the full version number right click the BMS Edit Radio exe file and select properties and the Version page. 






An error was detected when mix to file using ACM was used.


The file which was produced was just a tiny bit shorter than original marks

and so eventually it chopped of the end of the files to be.


With this new version this is corrected and files are exactly the length intended.


To take advantage of this release you need a certified BMS key that came with your purchase.





When you purchase BMS EditRadio you receive a certified BMS key that will secure and protect your investment.

It also means that from now on you may install BMS EditRadio on any number of Machines and that you need to insert this key into a USB port before BMS starts.

The certified BMS key is a USB memory also containing installation files and can be used for autorun when plugged into the machine.


The new BMS EditRadio has been compiled using the MS Visual Studio 2005 and all code has been revised in accordance to the new C++ standards.

All in all this should make the product even more attractive and fail proof.



Made new recording coding and now recording is extremely stable



Made an improvement to DirectShow handling and now WMA and other files utilizing DirectShow will be able to be included and edited.

At the same location as the file exist there is now a *.bms fileversion of that file.  So it wants some more space but that comes cheap nowadays.



Made a change in the handling of recording and it is now fully stable using really short buffers for after tape listening, also in large projects.






A new version have seen the daylight, this one has a progressmeter that comes up in the bottom when ripping a CD Track.

Just a tip, If you have a MP3 player or an USB memory or even a memory stick cell phone its really nice to install the Edit Radio on the device so that you can just plug into any computer and start editing when you like to. Works just perfect but don’t forget to adopt the Ini file for it.

BMS Edit Radio already interfaces a few databases but we are working on to make the ODBC interface even more flexible so that the connection to databses would be easy to configure. Please let me know if there are interest and/or requirements from your side.

BMS now features "after tape listening" as a result from the Hungarian Radio who desired that.




Here is a the new version, it has a new button for selecting
all clips after the the current cursor position and a have 
been improved in terms




New improved functionality and help

New shortcuts:

Meny Tools

MenuMainToolsRecordingPosMarkerSet ="&Set Position record marker\tShift+Z" MenuMainToolsRecordingPosMarkerClear ="&Clear Position record marker\tShift+X"

Menu Help

MenuHelpOnWeb = "&Help at www.bcc.se/Edit..."

MenuMainHelpShortcuts = "&Keyboard Shortcuts"

MenuMainHelpTopics = "H&elp..."

The help are three different documents:

1 BMS Edit website, 2 Keyboard shortcuts pdf, 3 Manaual in pdf format.

Great since they are easy to exchange and the pdf reader has search functions as well.

All right click menues has keyboardshortcuts written there so they are easier to learn.

In the region menu we added:

MenuRegionCrossFade = "Insert Cross&fade (Ctrl F)"

MenuRegionEQ = "Insert &EQ (Ctrl Q)"

MenuRegionDynamics = "Insert &Dynamics (Ctrl D)"

MenuRegionPlugIn = "Insert &Plug In (Ctrl L)"

The same goes for Tooltips that also have the shortcut written there.

of selecting more consistent than before. 
Enjoy the new things






Project Loading improved. You may now load a project of a different number of channels tyhan the current project/layout has. If there are too many channels in the project you are about to load only the channels that can be applicable will load and the others won't.


MPEG decoding have been improved in that way that it now will not crash even if the MPEG file you are about to load has a corrupt encoding.


Changed a bit on the Envelope and Solo buttons so that contrast is somewhat stronger.





Projectfile XML-bugfix;

With this version "&" is written in the correct XML way in the project files, also making it possible to open/view them in other programs like for instance the internet explorer. Please do not use the older versions to save projects with any more.






New Keyboard shortcut;

Alt+N     Start recording and plays back the recorded audio. 





New Keyboard shortcut;

J     Zoom Full Out


This simplifies Zooming in big projects using volume and pan graphics





Region Popup Select All Clips to End

New Keyboard shortcut;

Alt+ L      Select All Clips to End


This simplifies move of regions clips and and other handling







New Keyboard shortcut;

Alt+ B      Stops Recording and Play 




Bug Fix Region Popup; Select Left End

New Keyboard shortcut;

Ctrl+ Alt+ Space      Sets the Recordingmarker, Preroll and start Play 




New Right button Popup menu short cuts:

Track Popup Import Audio

Region Popup Select Left End

Region Popup Select Right End

Region Popup Split

Region Popup Group

Region Popup Move Start

Region Popup Move End

Region Popup Move to Markerpos

Region Popup Import Audio


And in the Setup Audiocard & Recording options dialog

You can now override the inifile default setting for PreRollPlay.






With Autoselect-tool in On, the Trim tool is active only within 30 pixels from clip ends.


Please note that in order to change the Volume envelope on the track using the TRIM TOOL

you need to hold down control simultaneously in order to preserve the toolselection when you enter the track.




New menu options -> Audiocard & Recording options so that ini file settings may be temporarily overridden for "Recording Mute Play" and "Start recording also starts play". Improved handling of recording.

Please note that recording buffer is default set to 1000 ms in the ini file. If you alter that setting you need to make sure the hardware support that since otherwise you risk to get "WaveDevice Already allocated" messages and recording may become unpredictable to start.


The reason for this is that the hardware drivers can not be trusted fully if the buffersize is less than 1000 ms, possible cause is that the driver locks the memory and needs to reset the hardware which may take some time.


Edit.ini Please make sure RemoteInput_RE11 is set to 0 if you don’t have one connected.


;-----Remote control Plextor RE11 settings------------------

RemoteInput_RE11 = 0

RE11Port = "COM1"

RE11Baudrate = 38400



BMS EditRadio have undergone a thorough code overview and project makeover and is now being compilated and linked with the latest tools available which have made the program more stable and up to date




Keyboard shortcuts: G Zoom In, H Zoom Out Ctrl+A toggles autoselect tool off and on. Improved graphics, visual styles etc.. Bug fix Recording using marker. If already recording nothing happens, instead of crashing as it used to.






In order to facilitate recordings there are recording markers that are easy and nice to use.

Now there are two types available Start recording and a Record Insertion marker.

Take a look here: Edit recording markers