Comparison Chart


BMS Edit Radio


Sound Forge 7.0

Compare to another

2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 channels




Real-time Any sample-rate simultaneously




Real-time Any compression format simultaneously




Real-time Any bit format simultaneously




Real-time mixing to any format  and sample-rate




Vari-speed playback 0-400 %




Audio browsing Scrub




Select workspace samplerate




Select workspace bitformat




Select monitor soundcard output




Select  scrub monitor soundcard output




Real-time 64 bit built in MPEG 2 and MP3 decoding




Automated tool selection




4 types nav. markers + recording insertion marker




WYSIWYG track graphics




SQL Database support




Input/Output API





Export /Import to/from DIGAS database manager




Favorite Audio Import/Export paths




Start-button/Fader-started recording




VU/PPM meters



Media Explorer with automatic file previewing



CD extraction



Export /Import to/from DAVE 2000 database




Plextor RE-11 serial remote control




Waveform volume and pan envelopes



Fade curve preset library dialog




Automatic file mixing and conversion



XML Project files







Any ACM-DirectShow compressed format handling




Real-time non-destructive audio editing



Multitask Background Rendering



32-bit/ 64-bit float/192kHz file support



Enhanced Time Zoom (24:1 ratio)



Audio Plug-Ins



DirectX  dialog for Plug-Ins


DirectX plug-In Manager


Enhanced Fade select  Manager




Windows Media Video Import Audio



Full support for linear audio



Maximum bit-depth

2,4, 8, 16, 24-bit, 32-bit/64-bit float/192kHz

16 bit / 48 kHz

8, 16, 24-bit, 32-bit/64-bit float/192kHz


Audio editing, recording, processing, and encoding


Drag-and-drop operations


Real-time audio effects




Video file audio extraction



Compressor/ Limiter Dynamics













Full 24 bit support incl. WAVEFORMAT EXTENSIBLE


Do not know




Effects previewing


DirectX plug-in support


Punch-In record



Clip library


What you do with it



Record any audio from your audio card, extract audio from your own CDs


Record audio in 2, 4, 8, 16-bit or 24-bit formats.


Record using the hardware controller


Start recording with fader-start or start button.


Instant start of recording.


Monitor volume levels during recording and VU/PPM meters.



Edit non-destructively, record, process, and encode audio on your PC.


Cut, paste, move, mix, delete, mute, pan, reverse, fade, and cross fade audio.


Edit audio sample accurate non-destructively with extreme speed


Use the Windows standard file open explorer to quickly find, preview, and open your audio files.


Analyze and view the audio visualized as graphics.


Use the audio scrub browser monitor to locate audio exactly in real-time with extreme speed.


Easily identify sections of clipped areas in your audio using the audio graphics.


Eliminate clicks and pops from recordings using the sample accurate editing and the eq, dynamics.


Save your editing sessions to BMS Project xml file format.


Drag & Drop any media file from the MS Explorer onto your workspace, or an open file, and perform your editing.


Drop four types of markers during playback or while editing. Create marker names and use them for locating and creating regions and loops.


Use Pan/Volume envelopes per clip to visually control your audio over time.


View, select, and edit your waveforms down to the sample level and snap to sample selections.


Record, Import, Edit and save 24 and 32-bit files - and record high bit audio if your hardware supports this resolution.


Open and work directly on compressed file formats with any bit and sample-rate format without creating proxy files, saving hard disk space and speeding up the editing process.


Save your project workspace and open it at a later session.


Work on just as normal while BMS processes another with multitask background rendering.


Intuitive easy to learn control of the interface for quick access to commonly used functions.


Use the ini file settings to organize your favorite presets and work directories.


No floating windows just simple dialogs does keep your workspace clean and understandable at all times.


Use a number of undos/redos to restore a workspace to any previously edited state.


No customize-able toolbars to avoid messy interfaces.


Create best possible quality audio for broadcast.


View audio and video, frame by frame, to produce quality results for streaming media productions and multimedia presentations.


Create and edit loops using the simple mark & trim tools.


Control the workspace from a hardware remote.

Effects and Processing


Choose from DirectX® Audio Plug-Ins and the built in EQ, Dynamics and Expander effects.


Create dramatic fades, delays, and other effects by utilizing the Fade library and envelope control.


Use the Audio Plug-In dialog to select and chain multiple plug-ins together and hear the results immediately.


Use per clip/region activate to turn effects on/off


Use the built in presets of the EQ and benefit from the intuitive controls


Use the built in presets of the Dynamics and benefit from the intuitive controls


Use the DirectX Plug-In Manager to select DirectShow audio plug-in's.


Audition audio effects direct with no waiting, make on/off comparisons and select what sounds best.



Extract audio from your own CDs, transfer audio to your hard drive, then save to file in MP3, WAV, and WMA formats.


Explore audio files on a CD-ROM and extract your own audio by drag & drop files from the Explorer into the BMS workspace.



Save your audio to any format using ACM and DirectShow codecs.


Encode your files for the Internet in any suitable format.


Render audio to just about any file format, eliminates the need for other programs to perform file conversions.